CharlieShipley Glen Family Photoshoot

shipley glen family photography photoshoot yorkshire 2
What better way to get my blog kick started than with a family photo shoot of my lovely nephew, Charlie.
It was a super warm sunny day in April when I headed with my brother and his family to the Glen, a place we used to frequent during our own childhood. There are big boulders, moorland and woodland offering a variety of exciting adventures to any small child, a condensed version of Yorkshire!
Charlie enjoyed jumping over the rocks and was particularly delighted to find a rope swing to play on. He isn’t one for staying still for any length of time, being aged five n’ all, so certainly kept me on my toes chasing him round! About the only time he did manage to stay still for more than a few seconds was when he sat down to watch a man practicing his rock hopping bike tricks. He was a bit (OK, very) good.