Four years ago I met ‘The One’. The one who understands me like no other, fills my life with joy, makes my heart tick a little faster, is always there for me, the one who I could share a lifetime of adventures and misadventures with, my best friend, James. Over these years James had managed, with his teasing ways, to convince me that any proposal was off the cards and I would never be a bride. That last dying ember of hope was all but gone when BOOM! He proposed!!! To say I was utterly stunned would be an understatement.

This is really happening! I’m getting married!!! Eeep!

I had envisaged us on one of our adventures, hiking to the top of some snowy summit in the midst of epic scenery. We reach the summit, we kiss over the trig point (a little summit tradition of ours), James gets down on one knee and presents me with a stunning vintage diamond engagement ring. But no, none of these things happened. In true James style, he did it in his own surprising little way. I’m not sure his marriage proposal could have been any more opposite to my idea of how events would unfold.

Every year we throw a big party at our home and invite all our friends to join us for cheese, beer, Pimms and good times. Each time we have a party we also have a theme, which usually results in some interesting interpretations from our guests. Last years house warming party theme was “pipe & slippers” and so this year we decided to have a barbecue with a “beach party” theme.

engaged engagement party proposal

We had beautiful weather on the day, James sported a Hawaiian shirt and knotted hanky sun hat while I wore a grass skirt and lay (Hawaiian flower necklace) and our slightly shark obsessed friend Luke, got to wear his shark costume. While I spent my morning busy editing a wedding, James sorted everything for the party. As well as preparing all the food, including making his now famous guacamole, he even made a coconut shy out of some old pallet wood, which everyone was thrilled with playing! I wish I had more pictures to show you of all these things, but sometimes, you just have to leave your camera alone and enjoy the day!


As for the proposal, James asked me to join him on a raised section of our decking under the guise that he wanted us to thank all our guests for coming. It seemed a little odd as I walked up the steps to join him, at which point I said “we’re not getting married are we?” still not suspecting a thing! James goes on to thank our guests for coming, then turns to me and pulls out of his pocket a small wooden box. It looks about the size of a ring box, but it is wooden with a big metal clasp, sort of home made looking and not at all like a typical ring box. He then opens the box and there is some metal wire with a lump of solder staring back at me, it sort of looks like a ring, but not what would be considered a typical engagement ring and is also home made in appearance. But then James said these words – “Will you marry me?”. My brain stops working. All I can reply is “What? – Are you serious? – I don’t believe you.”

I am stunned.

There is a long pause as my brain tries to make sense of what is actually happening. No really, he did say those words, this is really happening.

More time passes until James interrupts my bamboozlement to remind me I have not actually answered his question yet.

YES!” – And that’s it, we’re engaged!


The ring and the ring box are handmade especially for me by James. He used electronic component wire for the ring, which is very fitting as he is an electronics engineer. It is a little delicate, but I love that’s it is completely unique and crafted with love. As I would like to wear it for a lifetime I have decided to have a replica of the ring made in two different colours of gold and have it as my wedding band. It only seemed right to have it as a stand alone ring as having a second ring on the same finger would only distract from the fabulous design, not to mention the technical adjustments it would need to have a second ring sit side by side with this knot design.

We have chosen to have a small wedding in 2016, so now I too get to join in all the excitement that goes with wedding planning. As a result of this, I can’t help feeling even more excited than ever before for my wedding clients and their special day!

Never again will I be able to say the words – “Never the bride, always the photographer”.


Here are just a few of our adventures together so far:

Louise x