Simonstone Hall wedding photography | Bride and groom stand in front of Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales hills backdrop

Nicola and Russell chose to be have a Simonstone Hall wedding, just a stones throw from their Wensleydale home near Hawes in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. And by ‘eck! The views are nothing short of stunning, particularly when the weather is as good as it was on this particular day.

Nicola and Russell are lovers of adventures and spend much of their spare time caving in the epic maze of the local Yorkshire cave systems. They are the type of couple who are most at ease in their technical clothing and so Nicola’s change from outdoor girl who rarely wears makeup, to beautiful bride, was definitely something different for her. There were periodical delighted “squeee!” noises from Nicola throughout the morning’s bridal preparations, with the occasional “I look like a princess”, which indeed she did.

Having met one another through their passion for the outdoors, it only seemed right to take the newly weds on the five minute drive up the road to Buttertubs for their couples photo session. On one side of the road was Buttertubs; rocks riddled with 20 meter limestone potholes. On the other side of the road were views over to Swaledale. This backdrop to their lives also formed the backdrop to their wedding day.
The Simonstone Hall wedding venue it’s self is a beautiful old sixteenth century building built from Yorkshire stone. Surrounded by views of that there Yorkshire Dales countryside with beautiful rolling hills, creating stunning backdrops for their wonderful wedding day.

It was such a delight to capture Nicolla & Russel’s special day surrounded by such wonderful friends and family, many of whom had travelled right across the world to attend the wedding. As i Yorkshire lass myself, I maybe a little bias, but they don’t half live in a beautiful part of this country.

Being a lover of nature myself I was delighted by all the creatures I caught in my headlights on the journey home along the quiet Dales back roads, including a badger, a stoat, a barn owl, lots of rabbits and a kitten. I’m sure I may have also made a few delighted “squeee!” noises, just as Nicola had done earlier in the day.

Take a look below to see more of their Simonstone Hall wedding photography.

Simonstone Hall wedding venue exterior | Yorkshire Dales Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-3 Views of Yorkshire Dales from Simonstone Hall wedding venue Simonstone Hall wedding marque | Hawes, North Yorkshire Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-69 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-8 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-9 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-10 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-11 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-14 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-12 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-15 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-68 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-18 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-19 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-21 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-70 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-20 Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-24Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-26Bride and father stood by vintage wedding car, a black Ford, at Simonstone Hall in the Yorkshire Dales | wedding photographySimonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-32Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-33Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-34Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-36Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-37Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-35Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-38Simonstone Hall wedding photography of the bride and groom in front of stained glass windowsSimonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-30Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-41Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-42Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-28Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-43Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-44Simonstone Hall wedding photography of bride and groom in Yorkshire Dales, plus bridal bouquetSimonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-47Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-48Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-49Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-50Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-72Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-73Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-56Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-57Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-59Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-60Simoonstone Hall wedding photographer | Photography of bride and groom with Yorkshire Dales backdropsSimonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-64Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-65Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-62Simonstone-hall-wedding-north-yorkshire-dales-66