Beth & JonVictoria Hall Wedding Photographer – Saltaire, Yorkshire

Beth and Jon’s (aka Biff & Jiff) Shipley and Victoria Hall wedding photography in West Yorkshire was nothing short of a wonderful day!

Beth prepared for the day ahead at home with her family and scaredy cat, Dot, who mostly hid under the bed. Meanwhile Jon calmed his nerves by nursing a pint or two at Fanny’s Ale House (a drinking establishment I have a soft spot for myself as I first met my husband here) with his family and guests.

The wedding ceremony took place at St. Paul’s church in Shipley after which Beth and John led a parade of guests on the walk to Victoria Hall, in the beautiful UNESCO world heritage site, the Victorian industrial village of Saltaire, for their reception.

Here Beth’s sister sang as part of her gospel choir group and children played vintage games such as hook a duck and a coconut shy. The main hall was decorated with paper ornaments and home made bunting and vintage tins and jugs filled with flowers. Beth made the table planner herself using Dymo gun text layered over chintzy pattern paper. Each table was named after a street in Saltaire village, Jon having made the table signs in the same style of the street signs. I especially loved the cake toppers, which were bespoke printed illustrations of the bride & groom complete with their cat (who was probably still hiding under the bed at home at this point), printed onto fabric.

The evenings entertainment began with a family member singing, followed by some epic dancing to a Ceilidh band and for those that still had the energy left, the dance floor grooves continued into the night with a DJ.

Huge congratulations to the lovely Biff & Jiff on their fabulous day! x

Tandem bicycle wedding card on bedside cabinet with retro pink clock. Gold lame wedding shoes hung on mirror below framed pictures. Bride smiles at her sister holding Babycham glass of champagne. Lady holds vintage Babycham glass of champagne. Bride having her makeup done.Gild peeking out from hair while hairdresser fixes her hair for a wedding. Bride puts on french lace jacket over her wedding dress. Bridesmaid fastens ribbon on brides french lace wedding jacket.Bride admires her reflection in mirror wearing wedding dress. Victoria Hall wedding photographer, Saltaire, Yorkshire. Mother sees her daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. Fanny's Ale House Saltaire, Shipley, Yorkshire. Victorian pub exterior. Groom drinking in Fannies Ale house prior to his Victoria Hall wedding. Shaking hands and drinking pints of ale. Grooms men drink pints in Fanny's Ale House. Groom with friends at Fanny's Ale House in Saltaire, Yorkshire. St. Paul's church shipley wedding. Father of the bride presents his daughter to the groom. St Paul's church Shipley choir sings during wedding ceremony. Bride and groom hold hands during wedding ceremony at St. Paul's church in Shipley Flower girl sleeps on mothers lap during wedding ceremony Blessing of the newly weds by the vicar at St Paul's church in Shipley. Bride and groom newly married walk up the isle at St. Paul's church in Shipley Victoria Hall Saltaire wedding photographer. Confetti throwing over bride and groom. Bride and groom walk with wedding guests through Saltaire to Victoria Hall Victoria Hall wedding, Saltaire Yorkshire. Bride and groom walk with wedding guests. Victoria Hall wedding photographer. Lion dressing in knitted hat and cape for the Tour De Yorkshire. Gospel choir sings at Victoria Hall in Saltaire. Bride and groom with guests at Victoria Hall wedding reception. Happy and surprised groom face at Victoria Hall wedding. Bride and groom enjoy reception with guests at Victoria Hall. Boy plays coconut shy at Victoria Hall. Victoria Hall wedding photographer Saltaire Yorkshire. Victoria Hall wedding photographer Saltaire Yorkshire. Bride and groom kiss. Victoria Hall wedding photographer Saltaire Yorkshire. Natural photography.Saltaire Victoria Hall wedding with vintage retro decorations. Including Dymo gun table planner and vintage tins for florals. Father of the bride makes his speech at Victoria Hall wedding. Guests raise their glasses to toast to the bride and groom. Groom makes his speech as bride wipes a tear from her eye Bride and groom at Victoria Hall Chocolate wedding cake with fabric printed cake topper of illustration of bride and groom. Bride and groom with fabric cake toppers of cartoon versions of themselves.Salts Mill Saltaire wedding, Yorkshire. Victoria Hall wedding photographer Yorkshire, Saltaire. Natural photography of bride and groom. Victoria Hall wedding photographer Yorkshire, Saltaire. Relaxed photography portrait of bride and groom. Victoria Hall wedding photographer Saltaire, Yorkshire. Couples portrait. Yorkshire Victoria Hall wedding photographer, Saltaire. Bride and groom walk hand in hand along the street. Bride and groom hold hands. Bride holds bouquet at Victoria Hall wedding in Saltaire. Bride and groom speak with friends over Facetime on their phone. Bride and groom Facetime with friends over phone. Documentary wedding photography of guests. Documentary wedding photography of guests laughing. Fabric printed cartoon cake toppers of bride and groom placed in wedding bouquet. Bride and groom hold each other while listening to the band play. Victoria Hall wedding photography at Saltiare in Yorkshire. Saltaire Victoria Hall wedding photographer Yorkshire. Bride dances to the ceilidh band. Groom dances with the mother of the bride to the ceilidh band. Wedding guests dance to the ceilidh band at Victoria Hall in Saltaire. Guests dance to the ceilidh band. Young guests dance to the ceilidh band. Bride dances with friends to the ceilidh band. Guests dance to the ceilidh band. Young girl dances to the ceilidh band. Female wedding guest busting moves on the dance floor. Bride and groom kiss on the dance floor at Victoria Hall wedding.

If you’re planning a Victoria Hall wedding, I would love to hear from you!


Wedding Venue – Victoria Hall Saltaire, Yorkshire.
Victoria Hall wedding photographer – Fox Tail Photography (moi!)
Bride’s dress – came from Flossy and Willow Bridal Studio.
Bridesmaids dresses – Ebay
Brand of grooms suit and groomsmen – Skopes.
Florist – Katy Trohear-Hands (friend of the bride and groom).
Stylist or wedding coordinator – Charlotte Miller of Eden & Eve.
Entertainment – Phoenix Ceilidlh band.
Singer songwriter – Daniel Coughlan (Beth’s family member).
Big Sing Gospel Voices
DJ Ziggy Archer from the Hi Life