Becca & DanTrafalgar Warehouse Wedding Photography Sheffield

Becca & Dan’s wedding was a super fun day filled with laughter.  I especially loved all the little personal touches; The bride having made her own wedding dress (with a little help from her friend), a selection of home made cakes and fudge favours, the brides dad’s cover band being one of two bands playing in the evening and a whole load of dinosaur origami table decorations made by a family friend too! It truly was a pleasure to photograph and capture this amazingly fun and unique Trafalgar Warehouse wedding!

Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride twirls in wedding dress.

Tell us the story of your proposal:

Dan planned the proposal to coincide with our 8 year anniversary, we had planned to go to the lake district which is a special place for us. I think he originally wanted to ask me on the top of some big mountain, but I had a bad knee and walking up something big might have been a big suffer-fest!

The walk he chose was perfect, a linear walk between Windemere and Ambleside- he asked me after lunch over looking a small village called Troutbeck which i love, the ring had been hidden in a sock in the bottom of his bag the whole time!! That evening we headed back to our pop up tent, had a minature bottle of prosecco, some beans in a tin and a packet of salted peanuts to celebrate! We ended our trip in the lakes at the incredible Forest side hotel- an engagement treat!

How did you go about designing and making your own dress?

I love seeing other people in amazing floor length wedding dresses and think they look so glamorous and make people look incredible, but i’ve always thought that a traditional style of wedding dress wouldn’t be for me and that i would like a shorter dress with less embellishment. I did go and try on dresses at some shops but despite objectively being able to see that they were incredible- i didn’t feel like myself. I have a designer friend who studied fashion so i asked her if she would be able to help me make my dress.

My original plan was to use my mums wedding dress and create my dress from that. (Dan spent a good half hour in my parents loft digging it out!) But it wasn’t quite right and i didn’t want to go cutting up mums dress only to not use it.

In one of the dress shops i tried on a two piece and i loved the skirt- we managed to find a vintage vogue pattern which similarly matched so we started from there! The top was loosely based on another dress pattern that i found, but it evolved and got well hacked to pieces so i suppose its actually nothing like that pattern in the end!

After going through the process of making my dress, i can fully appreciate the cost of those wonderful gowns in the shops- the time that goes into making them in unreal, Beki and i had a regular Tuesday night booked in for months and a good few weekends that we spent beavering away.

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Bride takes selfie on phone with sister. Brocco on the Park, Sheffield. Brides navy blue sparkly shoes and bridal bouquet with sunflowers. Bridesmaids sat on bed laughing wearing pink kimono style dressing gowns. Bridesmaid in pink kimono style dressing gown opens bottle of champaign. Bride on bed with bridesmaids wearing pink kimono style dressing gowns pulling faces. Bridesmaids dressing in royal blue dresses while bride has makeup done at Brocco on the Park Sheffield. Bride having bright pink lipstick applied by makeup artist. Bride seeing her makeup for first time in mirror. Flower girl reads card from bride while having hair done. Bride and sister hug. Bride with mum looking nervous. Mum helps bride into blue shoes.


St. Andrews Church, Sheffield wedding. Order of service. St. Andrews Church, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Wedding ceremony at St. Andrews Church, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Wedding ceremony at St. Andrews Church, Sheffield. Confetti throwing at wedding at St. Andrews Church, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Bridal party at St. Andrews Church wedding, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Bridesmaids in royal blue and bride at St. Andrews Church wedding, Sheffield. Bridesmaids in royal blue, flower girl and bride at St. Andrews Church wedding, Sheffield. Groomsmen at St. Andrews Church wedding, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride and groom stood with Trafalgar Street sign. Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride and groom stood in graffiti doorway. Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride twirls in wedding dress. Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride and groom pull faces in graffiti doorway. Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride and groom stood outside windows of Trafalgar Warehouse. Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride and groom in industrial city setting. Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride and groom in industrial city setting. Trafalgar warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride and groom in urban city setting. Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photography Sheffield Yorkshire. Bride and groom embrace and laugh.


Trafalgar Warehouse wedding table setup. Moss and Clover flower arrangement in hoop at Trafalgar Warehouse wedding, Sheffield. Close up of Moss and Clover flower arrangement in hoop at Trafalgar Warehouse wedding, Sheffield. Origami dinosaur and bird with bride and grooms table place cards and ivy. Bride and groom drink their fist shot together as husband and wife. Father of the bride making his speech. Bridesmaid laughs during speeches. The best man makes his speech. Bride and groom smile and laugh during speeches. Trafalgar warehouse wedding first dance. First dance in warehouse setting. Guests dancing at wedding. Groom dancing with his mum. Brides maid dancing with drink spilled on her dress. Bride dancing with guest. Bride's dad sings with band. Wedding guests drinking shots. Wedding guests drinking shots. Bridesmaids and bride drinking shots. Groom and best man dancing. Guest dancing at wedding. Groom having his drink topped up by a friend. Guests pose on dance floor for photo. Guest dancing. Guests dancing and pulling face. Guests dancing and drinking from bottle.
Bridal party pose for photo at the end of the night, drinks in hands.

If you’re in need of a Trafalgar Warehouse wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you!

What made you choose the church and Trafalgar Warehouse wedding venue?

Sheffield is our home, we met here at university 9 years ago and so we knew from the start that we would get married here. Whilst we’re both fairly outdoorsy a wedding in the countryside in a large house didn’t seem to ‘fit’ us (we did look into locations in the peak- but nothing grabbed us) so we decided to go for a city wedding in Sheffield, the city we call home.

Choosing the church was easy, I’m religious and Dan isn’t, it was important to me to have a religious ceremony. We loved that the church is a traditional building with modern touches (carpets, chairs) it’s warm and welcoming, has an amazing window at the back and felt like somewhere that both Dan and I with our differing views on religion were happy to say our vows.

We had seen pictures of other weddings at trafalgar warehouse on our searches and loved the idea of the space, a large warehouse that we could do what we wanted with. As the countryside wedding wouldn’t suit us we decided not to compete and go for something totally different from anything that many of our guests would have experienced- a large inner city warehouse, one big room with no outside space!! We also decided very early on that we would get inner city weddings to help us dress the space on the day- they have a lot of experience with weddings there and we’re invaluable & pretty awesome ladies!

Tell us about the flowers, decorative details and theme of your wedding?

We wanted the wedding to be relaxed and to feel like ours, for it to be personal to us both, if people left saying ‘that was so Becca & Dan that was perfect for us! We wanted to embrace our more unusual location of reception choice. We decided on bold brights from the start we wanted it to be bright and colourful against the backdrop of the warehouse and the lanterns seemed to be a natural fit to this and brightening up the space, we also had a fairly tight budget so needed to make choices that weren’t too expensive.

The dinosaurs were a bit of an accident, we had stumbled across some giant dinosaur statues at a park in slovenia last year and taken some pictures there, one of us pretending to look shocked and running from a giant dinosaur- we thought it would be funny to put this as our save the date pic so we did! Origami decorations seems to be thing at weddings now and again we thought it would be funny to play on this (and our save the date) and have dinos down the table (we actually got a friend of a friends son to make these as they are hard to make and he’s an origami genius!)

The flowers were by the incredible Emma and her team at Moss & Clover, the shop is around the corner from our house and i have gotten to know Emma over the past few years by popping my head in and chatting, we now play netball together and she is my favourite florist (so basically choosing Moss & Clover was a no brainer!). The Bouquets were AMAZING!!  I don’t think i gave much guidance and had no idea of the names of flowers so they took my bold bright guidance and nailed it!

Because of our budget we decided against having flowers on the tables at the wedding breakfast and instead Dans parents went to a local park the week before and stripped a few trees bare of their ivy which we trailed down the tables ( i say we-inner city dressed the tables for us!) We did get Moss & Clover to make 3 large gold hoops with flowers on them to put on the walls ( they were inspired by a pinterest pic i saw!) these were amazing!! They’ve also dried really well so they’re hanging in our house now!

My brother in law set up a photobooth for their wedding last year, so when he offered to bring it along to our wedding we were psyched! they can be so expensive to hire, but are pretty simple to put together yourself (if have a brother in law whose happy to leave his camera set up all day!) It also meant that we had no limit to the hours it was there for or the number of pictures that can be taken, Ed uploaded the photos to dropbox the next day and we shared the link so that everyone can have as many copies as they like! The photobooth also served as entertainment for the kids at the wedding so it was a winner all around!

For our food we went local with the amazing Emily & Becky at Homemade cafe (opposite to Moss & Clover in nether edge) we went for sharer meals to keep it relaxed and it was delicious!! They also did amazing as there was a mix up with the plates not arriving so they managed to wash 150 plates between the courses, and we had no idea whatsoever. They also made sausage rolls for the evening- so good! my one regret from the whole day was did we didn’t order more! We had a toast bar for the evening, we tried to think creatively as we wanted to save money here- we basically asked ourselves- what do we really want to eat when were drunk & tired from dancing!

What were your favourite moments from the day?

Its so hard to pick a favourite moment, when people tell you it will fly by they’re not lying- it went so fast!! I think we both agree that sitting during the wedding breakfast and looking out to see all the people who we love and care about in one space is a feeling like no other, seeing people from different parts of your life interacting and getting to know each other!

We had originally planned that the guests would arrive at the venue before us and then we would have an announcement for our arrival, in reality our taxi arrived before the coaches so we decided to just head in. Having those brief minutes together in the taxi after the ceremony was lovely a moment to ourselves, and being in there when our guests arrived was ace- we got to see everyones reactions to the venue so we’re so glad the original plan didn’t work!

The dance floor at the end of the night has to be a highlight- seeing everyone up dancing and having a great time. We knew from the start that a DJ wouldn’t cut it for us, and we wanted live music,  having two bands ( Becca’s Dads & Jungle Lion) over 3.5 hours was pretty epic!

Do you have any comments about your photographer?

We had originally planned not to have a photographer and instead ask friends and family who were good with cameras to take our photos, but we decided in the end that was a big ask of our guests. We wanted everyone to have a great time and relax so decided to get a professional in.

It was a great decision! Wedding photography is a big job, Louise was excellent at rallying the right people into the right place for photos and kept looking for opportunities for photos for the two of us, capturing our day was her priority- we would wholly recommend getting a professional photographer!

Do you have any tips or advice for couples planning their wedding?

Your wedding day should reflect the two of you as a couple-you don’t need to compete with other weddings you have been to or ones which you see on the internet-just plan a day that is a celebration of you both!

You don’t have to agree on everything! Two examples; Dan wanted a reggae/ska band, which I wasn’t entirely sure would work, we ended up having a reggae/ska band and my dads band do 2 sets each- it was epic, and worked so well! I wanted to have Prosecco and cut the cake at the church to fill the space when photos are being taken, Dan wasn’t convinced, but it worked!

Sounds obvious-but try not to leave too much to the week before, and if you do rally in all the friends and family you can to help you!

Make time for yourselves to chill and reflect after the day, you’ll be emotionally exhausted afterwards so try and build in a little bit of ‘you’ time after the day.

Trust in the people that you have employed and chosen to help you out, you cannot be in control of everything and you’ll stress yourself out if you try. People are good at their jobs-theres a reason you they them!! Ellie at Inner city weddings dressed the warehouse for us and neither of us saw it completed before we walked in after the ceremony- she did an amazing job, and it probably made her life much easier not to have us hanging around double checking everything!

Start early, do little and often and make lists!!

Divvy up jobs.

In the week before someone asks to help, let them, even if the only job you can think of is making cups of tea or hoovering your house.


Wedding supplier credits:

Trafalgar Warehouse wedding Photographer – Fox Tail Photography
Wedding reception venue – Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield.
Styled and coordinated by Ellinor Softley of Inner City Weddings and Events.
Makeup artist – Laura Taff at Craft make up in Sheffield.
Hair by Selina Kirkbride, Longtime family friend and hairdresser.
Bride’s dress – Made by the bride with a friend!
Bridesmaids dresses  – Dorothy Perkins.
Florist – Moss & Clover, Sheffield.
Yorkshire Photographer – Louise (moi) of Fox Tail Photography.